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Boundary Gutter Detail
last updated 25/07/16

The detail shown in this article provides a solution for a boundary wall gutter. The style of detail is quite common with many homes now being built on the boundary. The detail utilises an external eaves gutter and under flashing/Apron flashing to prevent water entering the building. There are many variations to flashings; the following details represent a suitable solution.

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Boundary Wall Gutter Flashing
Download CAD versions of this flashing

Typical sizes for boundary gutter flashing

  • A = to suit the application (behind the eaves gutter)
  • B = to suit the application (outside of wall)
  • C = 50mm (typical)

The top of the flashing (B) should be installed with a fall (min. 3 degrees) to avoid water ponding.


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Download CAD versions of this detail
Download PDF versions of this detail
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Publication Details: November 05

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