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What material Grades are there to choose from?
last updated 23/06/15
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The materials manufactured by BlueScope Steel for roofing and walling applications are:
prepainted steel sheet
aluminium/zinc/magnesium alloycoated steel sheet.

COLORBOND® steel sheet has either a ZINCALUME® steel or stainless steel substrate combined with a range of prepainted coatings applied by BlueScope Steel to cope with exposure to various environments.

Amongst the range of COLORBOND® steel products designed for external applications are:

  • COLORBOND® Stainless steel - more information
    prepainted stainless steel sheet – for very severe exterior environments.
  • COLORBOND® Ultra steel - more information
    prepainted steel sheet & strip – for exterior severe environments.
  • COLORBOND® Metallic steel - more information
    prepainted steel sheet & strip – for superior aesthetic qualities.
  • COLORBOND® steel - more information
    prepainted steel sheet & strip – for exterior roofing and walling.
  • COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel - more information
  • COLORBOND® Permagard® steel - more information
    Specially developed for the manufacture of coolroom panels.

These COLORBOND® steel products are available in a variety of colours selected to match the needs of the building industry.

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Resource Acknowledgements
Source: BlueScope Steel Limited, Technical Bulletin TB-1a Steel Roofing products selection guide

Publication Details: Rev 10, October 2013

Authors Disclaimers: The information and advice contained in this Bulletin is of a general nature only, and has not been prepared with your specific needs in mind. You should always obtain specialist advice to ensure that the materials, approach and techniques referred to in this Bulletin meet your specific requirements.
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Trademark Acknowledgements: ZINCALUME®, COLORBOND® and ZINCFORM® are registered trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited. BlueScope is a trade mark of BlueScope Steel Limited.
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