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Headquarters for SAAB Systems at Mawson Lakes - Fielders Media Release
last updated 01/07/08
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Headquarters for SAAB Systems at Mawson Lakes - Fielders Media Release Spanform

Mawson Lakes - Technology Park is the location for the new Australian headquarters for SAAB Systems, a leading defence industry contractor for Systems Integrations and Operational Software Development.

SAAB Systems' vision for openness called for glazed glass to be extensively applied both on the building exterior and interior, creating a perceived transparency that facilitates an open working culture and welcomes members of the public.

Meanwhile, Technology Park offers a distinctive Australian landscape with mature river red gums lining the banks of Dry Creek and scattered recreational areas to provide a serene locale for visitors and staff. As such, the building engages a crisp, clean and high-tech build form with natural metallic colours like zincalume in conjunction with greens and blue greys to complement its natural setting.

In commenting on the building's design and construction, Ian Horne from Walter Brooke & Associates feels that “the quality of the work environment for staff and its openness and accessibility for visitors within a defence standard security system makes this building unique. This fact has been recognised by the building winning the Design Institute of Australia South Australia Merit Award for Interiors in 2003”. The two storey premises possesses one of the most complex security systems in the nation. Its design adheres to strict defence security standards with two wings connecting to a drum-like core that contains a foyer reception, central courtyard, meeting rooms and board room as well as facilities for a café, break areas and amenities. Ian Horne adds, “the central core and drum of the café are the heart of the building and provide a strong visual attractor and common reference point within the building”.

Fielders' WideKlip® Concealed Fix Roofing was exclusively used to “provide the curved aerodynamic forms of the building's roof.” The WideKlip® profile was “used throughout with the large brake pressed zincalume gutter providing a curved, smooth edge to the large roof overhangs.

Zincalume Panelform soffit lining continued the clean detailing of the roof form”. Meanwhile, to create a visual distinction between the roof and wall, Fielders' Spanform was used as wall cladding.

The design ingenuity of SAAB Systems headquarters becomes clear as it cleverly incorporates the requirements of its internal and external environments by interweaving the company culture, surrounding landscape and strict security standards into an attractive building that is deserving of the accolades it has received.

Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd

Walter Brooke & Associates

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Source: Fielders Steel Roofing media release
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