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Create product specifications - Fielders Steel Roofing
This site is a BlueScope Steel initiative, making the process of selecting, specifying and researching steel products easier - 'Terms of Use'

Select a category shown above to search Fielders' products or select a product from the list below, follow the prompts to create a specification.

100 C Section

100 Z Section

115mm Quad Gutter

150 C Section

150 Z Section

150mm Half Round Gutter

200 C Section

200 Z Section

250 C Section

250 Z Section

300 C Section

350 C Section

400 C Section

75 C Section

Ainsworth OG Gutter

Barge Cap

Barge Roll

Box Style Dormer Vent type 1

Box Style Dormer Vent type 2

Circular Louvered Vent

Circular Rainhead Type 1

Circular Rainhead Type 2

Circular Rainhead Type 3

Circular Vent

Classic O.G Rainhead

Colonial Rainhead

Conical Rainhead (large overflow)

Conical Rainhead (single overflow)

Conical Rainhead (three overflows)

Conical Rainhead Type 1

Conical Rainhead Type 2

Contemporary Dormer Vent Type 1

Contemporary Dormer Vent Type 2

Convex Modern Rainhead

Curving Quality Corrugated

D Gutter

Decorative Dormer Vent type 1

Decorative Dormer Vent type 2

Decorative Dormer Vent type 3

Decorative Dormer Vent type 4

Decorative Dormer Vent type 5

Decorative Dormer Vent type 6

Decorative Dormer Vent type 7

Decorative Dormer Vent type 8

Decorative Dormer Vent type 9

Eaves Gutter Rainhead

Edge Roll

Edwardian Corner Style Rainhead

Edwardian Style Rainhead

Fan-Top Rainhead type 1

Fan-Top Rainhead type 2

Fascia Covering

Fascia Gutter

Fascia Gutter (WA)

Fascia Purlin Type B

Fascia Purlin Type C

Fascia Purlin Type D

Fascia Purlin Type E

Flat Fascia

Half Conical Rainhead

Half Cylinder Rainhead Type 1

Half Cylinder Rainhead Type 2

Half Round Dormer Vent Type 1

Half Round Dormer Vent Type 2

Half Round Gutter

Half Round Rainhead type 1

Half Round Rainhead type 2

Half Round Rainhead type 3

Half Round Vent

Halfline Gutter


Hi-Ten OG Gutter

HiKlip® 630

KF40® (2 pan)

KF40® (3 pan)

KingFlor® KF57®

KingFlor® KF70®

KingKlip® 700


Longline Gutter

Low Profile Traditional Rainhead


Mini-Flute Concave Rainhead

Mini-Flute Hopper Rainhead

Nailstrip 265mm panel

Nailstrip 465mm panel

Ned Kelly Rainhead Type 1

Ned Kelly Rainhead Type 2

Neo Roman

Norfolk Style Rainhead


Porthole Dormer Vent

Prince Alfred Dormer Vent

Quad Gutter

Quarter Round Gutter

Quarter Round Rainhead

Quarter Round Vent

Rectangular Vent (Landscape)

Rectangular Vent (Portrait)

RF55® (2 pan)

RF55® (3 Pan)

Ridge Cap

S-Rib Corrugated

Saddle Style Dormer Vent


Special Tapered Bottom Rainhead

Standard Flat Bottom Rainhead

Standard Tapered Bottom Rainhead

Tapered Rainhead Type 1

Tapered Rainhead type 2

Tapered Rainhead type 3

The Kent Mk I Rainhead

The Kent Mk II Rainhead

TL-5 / M-Clad

U-Shape Rainhead Type 1

U-Shape Rainhead Type 2

Victorian Style Rainhead

Wool Store Rainhead

NATSPEC worksheets

Fielders branded worksheets

Colour Swatches
COLORBOND® Metallic steel
COLORBOND® Stainless steel
COLORBOND® Ultra steel
COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel
COLORBOND® steel fencing
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