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Create product specifications - Fielders Steel Roofing
This site is a BlueScope Steel initiative, making the process of selecting, specifying and researching steel products easier - 'Terms of Use'

Select a category shown above to search Fielders' products or select a product from the list below, follow the prompts to create a specification.

100 C Section

100 Z Section

115mm Quad Gutter

150 C Section

150 Z Section

150mm Half Round Gutter

200 C Section

200 Z Section

250 C Section

250 Z Section

300 C Section

350 C Section

400 C Section

75 C Section

Ainsworth OG Gutter

Barge Cap

Barge Roll

Box Style Dormer Vent type 1

Box Style Dormer Vent type 2

Circular Louvered Vent

Circular Rainhead Type 1

Circular Rainhead Type 2

Circular Rainhead Type 3

Circular Vent

Classic O.G Rainhead

Colonial Rainhead

Conical Rainhead (large overflow)

Conical Rainhead (single overflow)

Conical Rainhead (three overflows)

Conical Rainhead Type 1

Conical Rainhead Type 2

Contemporary Dormer Vent Type 1

Contemporary Dormer Vent Type 2

Convex Modern Rainhead

Curving Quality Corrugated

D Gutter

Decorative Dormer Vent type 1

Decorative Dormer Vent type 2

Decorative Dormer Vent type 3

Decorative Dormer Vent type 4

Decorative Dormer Vent type 5

Decorative Dormer Vent type 6

Decorative Dormer Vent type 7

Decorative Dormer Vent type 8

Decorative Dormer Vent type 9

Eaves Gutter Rainhead

Edge Roll

Edwardian Corner Style Rainhead

Edwardian Style Rainhead

Fan-Top Rainhead type 1

Fan-Top Rainhead type 2

Fascia Covering

Fascia Gutter

Fascia Gutter (WA)

Fascia Purlin Type B

Fascia Purlin Type C

Fascia Purlin Type D

Fascia Purlin Type E

Flat Fascia

Half Conical Rainhead

Half Cylinder Rainhead Type 1

Half Cylinder Rainhead Type 2

Half Round Dormer Vent Type 1

Half Round Dormer Vent Type 2

Half Round Gutter

Half Round Rainhead type 1

Half Round Rainhead type 2

Half Round Rainhead type 3

Half Round Vent

Halfline Gutter


Hi-Ten OG Gutter

HiKlip® 630

KF40® (2 pan)

KF40® (3 pan)

KingFlor® KF57®

KingFlor® KF70®

KingKlip® 700


Longline Gutter

Low Profile Traditional Rainhead


Mini-Flute Concave Rainhead

Mini-Flute Convex Rainhead

Mini-Flute Hopper Rainhead

Nailstrip 265mm panel

Nailstrip 465mm panel

Ned Kelly Rainhead Type 1

Ned Kelly Rainhead Type 2

Neo Roman

Norfolk Style Rainhead

Ovolo Gutter


Porthole Dormer Vent

Prince Alfred Dormer Vent

Quad Gutter

Quarter Round Gutter

Quarter Round Rainhead

Quarter Round Vent

Rectangular Vent (Landscape)

Rectangular Vent (Portrait)

RF55® (2 pan)

RF55® (3 Pan)

Ridge Cap

S-Rib Corrugated

Saddle Style Dormer Vent


Special Tapered Bottom Rainhead

Standard Flat Bottom Rainhead

Standard Tapered Bottom Rainhead

Tapered Rainhead Type 1

Tapered Rainhead type 2

Tapered Rainhead type 3

The Kent Mk I Rainhead

The Kent Mk II Rainhead

TL-5 / M-Clad

U-Shape Rainhead Type 1

U-Shape Rainhead Type 2

Victorian Style Rainhead

Wool Store Rainhead

NATSPEC worksheets

Fielders branded worksheets

Colour Swatches
COLORBOND® Metallic steel
COLORBOND® Stainless steel
COLORBOND® Ultra steel
COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel
COLORBOND® steel fencing
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