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Metallic Monopanel® cladding enhances architect designed homes - Stramit Building Products Media Release
last updated 04/03/10
Stramit Building Products
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Stramit Monopanel®
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COLORBOND® Metallic steel
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Glen Iris, Vic - Metallic Monopanel® cladding enhances architect designed homes - Stramit Building Products Media Release Elwood, Vic - Metallic Monopanel® cladding enhances architect designed homes - Stramit Building Products Media Release

Bulleen, Vic - Metallic Monopanel® cladding enhances architect designed homes - Stramit Building Products Media Release

Stramit Monopanel® cladding manufactured from COLORBOND® etallic steel is proving popular with Melbourne architects as a way of adding a unique yet economical finish to residential projects.

Gary Hancock, of Apogee Architecture, used Stramit Metallic Monopanel® cladding on a new Residence at Bulleen to help meet his clients’ brief for a modernist home with an emphasis on passive sustainable design and maintenance-free materials.

Demanding requirements for accommodation meant crowding 500 square metres of living space into a 600 square metre site.

Gary’s solution was to articulate the bulk of the building to prevent it overpowering the site. The design allows for large external terrace spaces, views of parkland and the distant CBD, as well as the maximum number of rooms possible.

The choice of COLORBOND® Metallic steel in Skybridge® colour also provided a whimsical reference to the clients’ interest in classic cars, as the shimmering surface is reminiscent of a highly lacquered automotive finish.

Adding to the uniqueness of the design is the fact that the Metallic Skybridge® colour is rarely specified for domestic applications. The cladding was installed by the builders, Chapman Gardner.


Bulleen, Vic

Apogee Architecture

Chapman Gardner

Architect Rohan Waldie used Stramit Metallic Monopanel® cladding to transform a Family Home at Glen Iris into an architectural statement.

A strikingly original effect was created by dividing the front wall of the house diagonally and contrasting dark thermal panelling with bright Monopanel® cladding in a COLORBOND® Conservatory® Metallic finish.

Rohan Waldie built such high energy efficiency into the design, he believes the house has a “7-star” energy rating.


Glen Iris, Vic

Rohan Waldie

Cameron Carey Roofing

Architect Michael Ellis took a pragmatic approach to selecting the cladding for his three-story Office and Residence at Elwood.

The long and narrow building, which Michael designed and project managed himself, is located in a commercial area, less than one kilometre from Elwood Beach.

“I consider this a hostile marine environment so my first criterion was low maintenance and protection from the effects of salt spray,” Michael said. “During construction I became aware of the cost and difficulty of erecting scaffolding on the site and I wanted to avoid that for future maintenance.”

Pre-painted steel cladding was the obvious choice for durability and low maintenance. Next on the list was a concealed fixing system. “I think concealed fixing is an important element in minimising salt attack in a marine environment,” Michael said.

Having decided on a profiled steel cladding with concealed fixing, he then looked for the lowest profile he could find. “When your title boundaries are less than four metres apart, every millimetre counts to maximise internal space.”

Last, but not least, he wanted an aesthetically pleasing profile. Stramit Monopanel® wall cladding answered all the requirements of low maintenance, hidden fixing, flat profile (12.5mm) and an attractive appearance.

Finally, he ordered the product in COLORBOND® Metallic steel (Conservatory) for a striking aesthetic finish.

“I’m very pleased with the product,” Michael said. “It proved to be perfect for the application.”

“This is one of the few three-storey buildings in the area and it catches the sun during most of the day, so I can sit in the back yard of an afternoon watching the colour of the Metallic material change as the angle of the sun changes.”


Elwood, Vic

Michael Ellis Architects

Jamie White Constructions

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