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Create product specifications - Revolution Roofing (SA & WA Only)
revolution roofing
This site is a BlueScope Steel initiative, making the process of selecting, specifying and researching steel products easier - 'Terms of Use'

Select a Revolution Roofing's product from the list below, follow the prompts to create a specification.

RevBig Downpipes

115mm OG Gutter

115mm Quad Gutter

125 D Gutter

125mm OG Gutter

150mm Half Round Gutter

150mm Smoothback Gutter

Barge Capping


Fascia Gutter

Half Round Gutter

Hi Front Quad

Maxline 340

Mosman Gutter

Quarter Round Gutter


Rev-Klip™ 700

Rev-Span™ 700

RevBig Downpipes 100mm Diameter

RevBig Downpipes 150mm Diameter

RevBig Downpipes 225mm Diameter

RevBig Downpipes 300mm Diameter

RevBig Downpipes 60mm Diameter

RevBig Downpipes 75mm Diameter

RevBig Downpipes 90mm Diameter

RevBig Gutter

Revline Gutter

Revolo Gutter

Ridge Capping

True Oak MID™

True Oak™ Deep

True Oak™ SUPER 5

Valley Gutters

NATSPEC worksheets
Revolution Roofing branded worksheets

Revolution Roofing branded worksheets

Colour Swatches
COLORBOND® Metallic steel
COLORBOND® Stainless steel
COLORBOND® Ultra steel
COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel
COLORBOND® steel fencing
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