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Corrugated Roof Textures
last updated 16/02/16
Corrugated Roof Textures Corrugated Roof Textures

Corrugated Roof Textures

Corrugated Roof Textures

SteelSelect create an extensive library of textures in the complete COLORBOND® steel range of colours. The textures are free to download and use in your designs. The packages contain a ZINCALUME® steel version and sizing details for the samples. The name corrugated is typically a generic name and many of the rollformers have a specific brand name e.g. LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB®. The profiles from each manufacture have subtle differences, more details can be found on the SteelSelect product pages.

COLORBOND® steel Flat Textures for 3-D rendering
LYSAGHT® Profiled Texture libraries

Stramit® Profiled Texture libraries
Fielders Profiled Texture libraries

Steeline Profiled Texture libraries
Revolution Roofing Profiled Texture libraries

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