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SAHMRI research facility King of Adelaide health - Fielders media release
last updated 02/08/16
Products used in this project
KingKlip® 700
KingFlor® KF57®
SAHMRI research facility King of Adelaide health - Fielders media release SAHMRI research facility King of Adelaide health - Fielders media release

The South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute enlisted the help of Fielders in creating the newly established and renowned health facility.

Located next to the recently developed Royal Adelaide Hospital, the $200 million SAHMRI building is part of what will be South Australia's newest health precinct, 'Adelaide BioMed City'.

Promoting a unique exterior and pushing architectural boundaries, the building has incorporated two of Fielders' most popular commercial products, KingFlor KF57® flooring and the KingKlip 700® roofing material.

Contracted in partnership with System Formwork and S&LJ Roofing, along with Woods Bagot Architects, over 3,000m2 of each product was used throughout the construction of the iconic medical facility, with Fielders Business and Development manager (Commercial and Specifications), James Harrison, explaining the benefits of using both systems.

"Being customizable and flexible with on-site rolling, the KingKlip 700® system offers wider sheets, allowing a faster installation period. The system really gives the Architect immense ability to be imaginative in the design and use of the product."

"KingFlor®, with its wide pans and light-weight system, allows for more efficient use and construction, as well as easy access to the underside of the slab. Once laid, it's a permanent part of the flooring - eliminating the need for formwork stripping," added Mr. Harrison.

KingKlip 700® offers a flexible range showcasing the curved design and sustainability, perfect for commercial roofing due to its unbeatable size, strength, water tightness and range of COLORBOND® steel finishes.

With its deeper profile and cost effective nature, KingFlor® is just one of the five formwork system profiles available, offering a diverse range to suit any project.

Architecturally, there are no limits that have not been tested in this project, with the official opening in November of 2014. The purpose built facility is home to a world-class research centre, located in Adelaide's west end district.

For more information on Fielders KingFlor® and KingKlip 700® systems, visit http://fielders.com.au/

Resource Acknowledgements
Source: Fielders media release
Architect: Woods Bagot
Contractor: System Formwork and S&LJ Roofing
Trademark Acknowledgements:  COLORBOND®, ZINCALUME® and BlueScope® are registered trademarks of BlueScope Steel Limited, ABN 16 000 011 058.