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Colour matrix
Maxline 340 'A Very Cool Roof'
Technical Resources
Classification of COLORBOND® steel colours for BCA and BASIX

COLORBOND® steel COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel COLORBOND® Ultra
COLORBOND® Stainless steel COLORBOND® steel
Standard Range       Fencing
Manor Red®        
Jasper®       Jasper®
Classic Cream™        
Surfmist®   Surfmist® Surfmist® Surfmist®
Paperbark®       Paperbark®
Dune®   Dune® Dune® Dune®
Shale Grey™       Shale Grey™
Windspray®   Windspray® Windspray®  
Woodland Grey®   Woodland Grey®   Woodland Grey®
Monument®   Monument®   Monument®
Pale Eucalypt®       Pale Eucalypt®
Mangrove®       Wilderness®
Cottage Green®        
Deep Ocean®     Deep Ocean®  
Ironstone®       Ironstone®
Wallaby®   Wallaby®    
Evening Haze®       Evening Haze®
Night Sky®        
Basalt®       Basalt®

COLORBOND® Metallic Steel Range
IMPORTANT - The COLORBOND® steel colours shown on this site have been reproduced to represent actual product colours as accurately as possible. However, we recommend checking your chosen colour against an actual sample of the product before purchasing, as limitations of web palette colours affect colour tones. Contact BlueScope Steel Direct on 1800 022 999 to request colour samples.
Resources- downloadable PDF colour charts
File Type Thumbnail Name/Description File Size Download
  PDF File COLORBOND® steel Commercial Colour Chart
This is a two page colour chart for COLORBOND® steel commercial applications.
577 KB  
  PDF File COLORBOND® steel Residential Colour Chart
COLORBOND® steel colours for your home; roofing, walling, garage doors, gutters, fascia, downpipes and sheds.
2681 KB  
  PDF File COLORBOND® steel for Fencing Colour Chart
This two page brochure shows the colours available for COLORBOND® steel for fencing.
1940 KB  
Showcasing Designs
Selecting a grade of COLORBOND® steel.
Classification of COLORBOND® steel colours for BCA and BASIX

Inspirational projects featuring COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steel Roofing
Inspirational projects featuring COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steel Walling

CAD Design Resources
COLORBOND® steel Flat Textures for 3-D rendering
LYSAGHT® Profiled Texture libraries
Stramit® Profiled Texture libraries

Fielders Profiled Texture libraries
Steeline Profiled Texture libraries
Revolution Roofing Profiled Texture libraries