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Bush retreat overcomes many challenges - LYSAGHT® media release
Last added/updated: 23/01/15
Designing a bush retreat for an isolated site on the NSW Far South Coast created challenges at every turn for architect Michael Marshman. - read more
McWilliam family "plants" steel again - LYSAGHT® Media Release
Last added/updated: 23/01/15
When winemaker John McWilliam arrived at Hanwood in the Riverina region in 1913 he commented that a six-inch nail planted in the soil and watered for a year would grow into a crowbar. Almost a century later, another generation of McWilliams has watched steel rise from the ground as the family reaps the benefit of their ancestor’s foresight. - read more
Long fascination with steel cladding - LYSAGHT® media release
Last added/updated: 23/01/15
Queensland architect Eddie Codd’s fascination with steel cladding began during his earliest days in the profession and 45 years later shows no signs of diminishing. In fact he’s just about to build a new home for himself in the the hinterland that will utilise the design flexibility of the products which he enthusiastically admires. - read more
Steeling a Weekend Away - LYSAGHT® media release
Last added/updated: 23/01/15
When owning a property in inner-city Melbourne seemed out of reach for three long-term friends, they came up with an alternative plan which would give them the lifestyle they wanted at a fraction of the cost. After pooling their resources the friends bought a small block in coastal Walkerville, a quiet, rural holiday spot in South Gippsland, with a view to building an inexpensive kit home. - read more
Headquarters for SAAB Systems at Mawson Lakes - Fielders Media Release
Last added/updated: 01/07/08
Mawson Lakes - Technology Park is the location for the new Australian headquarters for SAAB Systems, a leading defence industry contractor for Systems Integrations and Operational Software Development. SAAB Systems' vision for openness called for glazed glass to be extensively applied both on the building exterior and interior, creating a perceived transparency that facilitates an open working culture and welcomes members of the public. - read more
Lavarack Barracks Gym Building Roof Stretches The Limits - LYSAGHT® media release
Last added/updated: 23/01/15
The supply and installation of 43.9 metre lengths of LYSAGHT KLIP-LOK 700 HIGH STRENGTH® steel roofing for the Gymnasium Building (Stage 4 Redevelopment) at Lavarack Army Base in Townsville was accomplished in May this year with the precision of a military operation. - read more
Warehouse cashes in on fast roofing solution - Stramit Building Products Media Release
Last added/updated: 23/02/12
One of the first major projects to specify the Stramit FarLap® roof lap system was a huge Metcash distribution centre in western Sydney comprising two buildings with a total roof area of 100,000 square metres. - read more